Mankind’s unintended cross – a poem

yet we are enslaved,
By the works of our hands
The beautiful things we’ve made to serve us
Now sits as lord, dictating how we run.

We made the shirt,
For us to wear
But if a man dresses not like the rest
He is termed a weirdo not fit for a friend

We built houses
And now it tells
How one may be seen
And pray thee,
shall he be befriended

We made the cars
And its unjustly guiding us
For in a gathering of many
The one with the most valued cars
Receives the highest regard

We instituted the schools,
And the degrees of degrees
And by this a smile is accorded
Or a scorn dished out

This one thing have I seen
That GOD has made man perfect
But in trying to help GOD do more
We have added pain to our already heaped up sorrow.

Your life is what you make of it

How do you see yourself, how do you view yourself. Its not about how others view you or what they say about you. You know better, far better than what they believe they know about you, but if you give them the chance, they will make you believe that you are who they say you are. So I ask you WHO ARE YOU…….

Life is a call and we all must answer it

But we have a choice how we choose to heed the call.

I’ve always believed that a man wasn’t made to act as a zombie, a programmed entity only following orders all his life, this is what you should do, this is what you shouldn’t, boxing man in with set of rules. I believe that man was made to soar with wings high above what is know to what can be known. I believe that one should be able to express his/her feelings without being judged for same. I know there is a inner good in man despite all the evil that is prevalent In the world today and i know that if we can be our good self we can truly heal the world as the song goes.

someone once said that even if others are doing evil, do not change from the good you are, continue being good.

This site is for all who hasn’t lost hope in mankind, who wishes to make a difference no matter how small our input is and seeks being a better version of themselves.

love conquers all

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