Advice to the wealthy

Are you wealthy, blessed with a considerable amount of this world’s riches and you seek to have peace in the future, near or far ?

Do heed these words that I shall pen down, for in your hands lies the peace that you seek. However do note that if your fortune is gotten off the tears of others, this simple advice may not be for you. In future we shall commune on same.

But for those who do not belong to this category, do take good care of your offsprings for off them comes the largest part of future sorrows. Their ill chosen paths in life is a pain and a ache to parents of theirs.

But what you don’t know, or may not put to cognisance is their future decisions are functions of what they see you do now, only that you are also at the receiving end if this ill breeding.

Ask yourself these questions

How do I treat my servants

How do I treat waiters and waitresses when dinning out with my kids

How do I treat road side beggers

How do I relate to my subordinates at work, how do I talk to them when on a call with them

And lastly, how do I treat my driver……

Please think on these and kindly forward same to those you love for the truth is the above words concerns all…… 😟

When leg thinks and head walks

If of a truth there are parallel universes, one slightly different from this current one we are , I believe that which ought to be is what would be , and not the anomaly that pavades this times wherein we live.

For indeed is it not an anomaly, and a total dereliction of the moral faculty of men, when the virtue that should be praised, and the vice that should be appalled, receives the opposite of that that should rightly be theirs

Younder times, when someone offers to assist another, be it someone close or not, this is applauded and he gets regards from all present. But this days people mock such calling silly names as though that which same as offered to give is a display of sheer weakness, something to be rooted out of the system

For intruth , the one to whom an helping hand is offered, receives with suspicion the same. Many a people suspicious of the others as though all men are of the evil seed. Yet this is for another time, a discuss to ponder upon

Where the leg thinks, and the head is donned for a walking, surely things wouldn’t go as it should. Herein finds our current times, herein are the times that we live in. An anomaly to say the least.

An Itch..

Hello everyone, for a long while now(11yrs or so) I’ve been blessed with the curse of depression.

its been on and off, relapsing and fought, but yesterday i had an episode (still persisting but less intense compared to yesterdays) that got me thinking and opting for the option of speaking with a psychologist( i am socially awkward, the loner kind of person….) cause the accompanying suicidal thoughts are more appealing.

What prompts me to write is not the already mentioned but;

1. I tend to see that when low/depressed my major gift flows with ease. composition of instrumental music which is the aforementioned gift literally flows freely, one part building on the former, different instruments fitting into the whole. This gets me wondering if Depression is really bad. Truth is i don’t know and am using this medium to ask as many who relates or can expound on this seeming anomaly.

2. A call to all who is concerned, its is said that those who smile the most are the most sad, if you have a relation who smiles a lot and is many a times silent, please do watch same as the person could be suffering from depression. From experience and research, Depressed people do often give the tell-tale of hinting that they are depressed. Could be in songs as Chester Bennington did, song such as Iridescent, What I’ve done, Numb encore etc, Or in the books or write-ups by those affected. but one thing quite uniform is the smiles they give to people, just to hide the pain that burns within. One stage that shouldn’t be taken lightly if you have someone who fits into this class is when they suddenly are in high moods, really excited after a long time of lows…… that might be a precursor to a potential suicide, more like saying “yeah i’m resolved on what to do……. to ease myself on this pain”

Of the many errors and untruths….

Of the many errors and untruths I find in this world, one greatly pains me amidst others out there. This has to do with the way ladies are portrayed by the media, its quite disheartening I must say and though am not of this sex yet I seek that a liberation be gotten from this overly embraced, yet debasing anomaly that such wonderful set has been so confused as.

A woman is more portrayed as a sex object by the media( I mean no offence to any but the truth needs be told). Just think about it, is it music, is it movies, the entertainment industry as a whole is more inclined to this false portrayal and more people see this because we humans prefer “entertainment” to things that will have us stressing our brains. Hence we see this and the repeated sighting of this debasing anomaly ingrains this orientation in many a head. A little wonder the level of rape and other sexual molestation in this times as compare with other times. Its quite pathetic but 15 or so years ago someone, a male, mentioned something in my hearing that  when 70% of matured males see a female what comes to mind is sex. Quite pathetic

But the truth is this and it needs be told, that many a female are the ones who encourages this debacle to continue and get to the stage it has thus far. How ? you may ask…. when you see such on TV what do you say, how do you react, when you see fellow ladies dancing up and down the pole, stripped partially or fully to their bare skin, what is your reaction. When walking with a group of friends and debasing comments are made about ladies passing by, do you object to this and try to make better persons of those friends letting them see that which is truth, that ladies are not instruments for such moral deprivations. I believe that some of the ladies who prostitute their bodies or strip dance or dance half naked in music videos or partake in pornography etc are into this as a means of earning income, keeping body and soul together, but at what cost? The ripple effect of this ways is like cancer it destroys more than just your self worth but that of others too now it’s attacking the image of women as a whole irrespective of their geographical location. You might want to ask that what then should I do, how then can I make ends meet in this harsh reality that we call life.  I believe what you need is in your hands, you only need to add patience and contentment to your passion. Yes what’s your passion , let’s work on this and look for ways to monetize them therein you can earn an honest income and yet keep your self esteem intact. Hopefully in the next publication I’d delve more into this but for now do note that you are made for something far better than this debacle. Its time for women to speak as one , speaking against this deviation from the truth that has ravaged their true image, that has portrayed them to be next to nothing, let the media know that you aren’t who they portray you to be, you are special and that’s the truth, the blatant truth don’t rub your gems in the mud of this world.

One of the plenty errors I’ve seen…..

Of the many errors that earth blossoms with and the one that is most annoying is the misplacement of honor, for a man gives more to the one who uses them as trash, the hard task master, and to the one who loves them they take for granted

Appreciate even the darkness too

When at times we feel we have reached the edge, no where else to turn, no one else to look up to, do remember that our life is as a story written down but unlike the stories we have heard, ours is not complete yet, you have the power to complete it or allow others to complete it for you most times that’s a bad option… my word to you is do not give up.

When times are bad, as they do at times, remember it wasn’t always like this, you having bad times always. In this take solace that better days are ahead still, in this take courage that you shall surely smile again

And when times are good, do enjoy the moment, be happy , have fun, but please don’t overdo, more are the victims of over expressed happiness, than of intense suffering….

Above remember that the darkness you may be in now is not an expression of hopelessness but of a strength that’s to come if you only hold on till the end…. agreed this is not easy and I pray you find the strength and comfort to go through.

Hope is near, hope is here

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