The pains of a lovelorn heart

My heart cry
And it gives a tear
Many things I find
Gives it the fear

My Mind the Depression
My brain the weight
Carry on feet
To a place I know not

Of death I long
And all is felt
Within my heart’s cage
The strung string awaiting its break

My loathe is to many
In a pool of disdain I rest
And to non I call out
My saviour, my friend

I shoot into the darkness
Words of pity and of pain
For me…….
And for he with whom am bound by blood

Him is viewed an arrant knave
Seen as a callous one
But the good book confesses
That anger increases pain

I long for that day
An answer my prayers get
And if that day does linger
Count will I of the worms that lingers around
My skin a feast so awaited.

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Answer to What is an example that love can overcome many difficulties? by Anderson Dourado

Answer to What is an example that love can overcome many difficulties? by Anderson Dourado

What needs be done

Hello everyone, I have had a longing that burns within for quite a while now and I feel this is the best platform for a kick start of same.

I am an advocate of a world where things aren’t totally as it is in the current world we are in. I mean I seek a world where we can be ourselves and not what the world is saying we should be. For example a man can cry if he needs to and not seems an oddity. Put simply I seek a world where our innermost self, the true us can live with joy.

To this end I wish that all out there can use this platform to ask or say that which is on their minds and wherever an assist is fitting same is given, advice, how to be a better you etc. Please kindly use this platform to this end as this is its purpose. Everything posted remains anonymous. Do take this as a virtual discussion group to wit the betterment of all

Have a blessed new year in advance.

Hope is near hope is here

Wisdom nuggets

I feel this world was made for the contented souls

For what else shall be intimated

When the level of proverty that stinks on earth, can only be accommodated by a soul that seeks only the basic necessities of life

And the avarice that befouls this earth leads so many who are snuggled in the arms of the beast called greed to their early demise.

Is not then this world with all that plays in it designed for the contented at heart.

What else shall be intimated, for blessed indeed are the contented ones notwithstanding the little they have for they shall always have peace of heart as a companion.

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