Concise admonition

Do not place too much importance on your beauty or physic, if indulged in it may be the ruin of you and eventually serve as “the axe that fells the tree”

Probably my last entry

Some of us may not buy into this, agree with this but its just my thought…. I strongly feel that GOD created death so that man would have an exit from the pains that this life offers.. hence am glad for this …. Thank Thank you all for the time spent with you… chao

Hark thou and heed these sayings 1

In your dealings with the humankind be highly wary of the ruthless soul who has an idea of how the world works. Such a man is indeed a beast capable of various monstrosities.

An enigma

It’s strange and yet amazing that the most astounding force I yet know can be so beautiful one time, giving us a feeling like this is where I belong and yet at another it is so disastrous that we have nothing else in mind than to escape. I muse….. is this a function of man’sContinue reading “An enigma”


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