A world that’s dull of perception

  • I once heard that psychopaths show love to their family or close relatives yet they( the ones that graduate to serial killer level) perpetuate movie-like gruesome deeds on those who don’t fit into that close circle….. I tend to ponder on this, as it means they are capable of extending love to others but yet they withhold same. Why!!!! .
  • Truth is I don’t know but I’d admonish us all, all who are chanced to hear me out directly or indirectly let’s quell every sort of bullying especially to the younger folks in their formative years. I perceive that this may be a reason for such unempatetic acts from this individuals…

we create our own monsters, please let’s stop creating them so that we can have a frightless sleep.


Published by sunkanmi1234

One who seeks the truth, who loves to share the truth to any willing ear, who believes life isn't as it should be....

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