The pains of a lovelorn heart

My heart cry
And it gives a tear
Many things I find
Gives it the fear

My Mind the Depression
My brain the weight
Carry on feet
To a place I know not

Of death I long
And all is felt
Within my heart’s cage
The strung string awaiting its break

My loathe is to many
In a pool of disdain I rest
And to non I call out
My saviour, my friend

I shoot into the darkness
Words of pity and of pain
For me…….
And for he with whom am bound by blood

Him is viewed an arrant knave
Seen as a callous one
But the good book confesses
That anger increases pain

I long for that day
An answer my prayers get
And if that day does linger
Count will I of the worms that lingers around
My skin a feast so awaited.

Published by sunkanmi1234

One who seeks the truth, who loves to share the truth to any willing ear, who believes life isn't as it should be....

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