When leg thinks and head walks

If of a truth there are parallel universes, one slightly different from this current one we are , I believe that which ought to be is what would be , and not the anomaly that pavades this times wherein we live.

For indeed is it not an anomaly, and a total dereliction of the moral faculty of men, when the virtue that should be praised, and the vice that should be appalled, receives the opposite of that that should rightly be theirs

Younder times, when someone offers to assist another, be it someone close or not, this is applauded and he gets regards from all present. But this days people mock such calling silly names as though that which same as offered to give is a display of sheer weakness, something to be rooted out of the system

For intruth , the one to whom an helping hand is offered, receives with suspicion the same. Many a people suspicious of the others as though all men are of the evil seed. Yet this is for another time, a discuss to ponder upon

Where the leg thinks, and the head is donned for a walking, surely things wouldn’t go as it should. Herein finds our current times, herein are the times that we live in. An anomaly to say the least.

Published by sunkanmi1234

One who seeks the truth, who loves to share the truth to any willing ear, who believes life isn't as it should be....

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