Mankind’s unintended cross – a poem

Some of those things we all need to hear

Hope is here

yet we are enslaved,
By the works of our hands
The beautiful things we’ve made to serve us
Now sits as lord, dictating how we run.

We made the shirt,
For us to wear
But if a man dresses not like the rest
He is termed a weirdo not fit for a friend

We built houses
And now it tells
How one may be seen
And pray thee,
shall he be befriended

We made the cars
And its unjustly guiding us
For in a gathering of many
The one with the most valued cars
Receives the highest regard

We instituted the schools,
And the degrees of degrees
And by this a smile is accorded
Or a scorn dished out

This one thing have I seen
That GOD has made man perfect
But in trying to help GOD do more
We have added pain to our already heaped up sorrow.

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Published by sunkanmi1234

One who seeks the truth, who loves to share the truth to any willing ear, who believes life isn't as it should be....

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